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What is OSP license?

OSP (Other service providers) refers to the services and solutions offered by the Telecommunication services that consist of Information technology or IT related services using telecom related resources. Other service provider provides services that have immensely grown in the modern day marketing world. To be more specific these are the services provided by OSP:

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Tele education

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Tele banking

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Tele medicine

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Call centres

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Tele trading

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Network operations

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IT related services

What Can We Do

Telecommunication department under the policy of New Telecom (NTP) 1999 has made a compulsion for the OSPs using the above mentioned resources to obtain License. For example, OSP consists of Information technology related services; so you will need to use telecom resources by an authorized service provider for telecom services, legal entities, infrastructure and much more. The most important entity among them is the OSP license. This license is generally provided by telecommunication department of India. Therefore, one who wants to start a business that require OSP services, will need to get OSP license to engage with any kind of business associated to OSP. Moreover, the applicant of this OSP should be a legally authorized business entity. It implies that the applicant should have his company registered under Companies act 2013. Why is it important? It is essential because the company is going to become the face of OSP. We are always pride to provide you the OSP license.

Why us?

OSP licensing is the dominant community of registration services that bring together all the registration professionals all over India. Being a growing business licensing and registration services provider in Maharashtra, Delhi and various other cities across India, our client list has extended to over 18000. All of our team members are the versatile company secretaries, designers, chartered accountants, taxation consultants and other specialists that are enabled to provide the best services through their professionalism, determination and are energetic doers. They provide services at best prices and within the stipulated time period. These aspects have made our company “The best choice” for the business owners who demand to have business licenses, OSP registration and compliance services.

We dig through the requirements of the businesses, individuals and provide them the most compliant lawful services that they demand. Our motto is to assist the growing business leaders and the experts of business. Whatever your business need is, we are always present to assist you.

Paperwork required

  • Certificate of Incorporation issued by Registrar of Company Memorandum and Article of Association Board resolution or Power of Attorney authorizing the authorized signatory with attested signatures
  • Nature of business / activities of the proposed OSP and all the documents must be certified with seal by either Company Secretary or one of the Directors of the Company or Statutory Auditors or Public Notary.
  • List of present Directors of the company
  • Present shareholdings pattern of the company indicating equity details (Indian Equity and Foreign Equity)
  • A note on the nature of Business.
  • Network Diagram
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