Call Center Registration

How to start a Call center in India

First, in order to set up BPO, it is extremely necessary for a business entity to be incorporated as a private limited firm. Therefore, all those young entrepreneurs who are focusing on starting a call center must register a private limited company.

Enrollment/Registration: The very first initial phase right now is to prepare a business structure. The registration procedure differs across different companies and kind of outsourcing process you decide to opt for, it could either be a Domestic or an International call center, BPO/KPO License Apply. You have to register with NASSCOM.
Tax certification: One of the most basic and crucial procedure is to get a Tax certificate which empowers you to pay the necessary taxes set by the government authorities.

Required assets: Acquiring the necessary assets is likewise one of the significant processes wherein software, hardware, work location, and servers are chosen.

Hiring workforce: Hiring the correct people to carry out the intended operations is one of the key moves at this point.  After that, come the Legal commitments – Licenses.

How can we make it all easy for you?

Seemingly all these compliance and obligations appear to be driving you insane? You need not worry about when your legal friend is standing right there behind you. We are always glad to assist you with any kind of cumbersome process by removing all the intermediaries. After you download the application form, filling your information, attaching your attested documents our team of experts will review and begin working to get you the license. After the final checks and verification by legal authorities, you will acquire your call center license.

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