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How to apply for OSP registration in IndiaIn India, if you are looking to start a BPO center then you will need to get OSP and DOT registration that is provided by the telecommunication department of India. DOT authorities offer permits to BPOs, IPOs, call centers and permits these functions by examining the non-telecom service provider’s infrastructure. In the first step, an organization must be enrolled under The Companies Act, 2013 to apply for the DOT OSP License. After completing the registration, a company can additionally acquire telecom assets and infrastructure that is required for the purpose of communication from the approved telecom authority, which has been duly authorized by the DOT for these purposes.

In case, you are thinking about setting up a BPO, you have to initially register your organization online, under the Companies Act. You will need to choose the type of ownership and under the “type of Business” category you can opt for “other service provider”. After that, you will need to register for an OSP license from the Department of Telecommunication (DOT). You will be required to pay an application fee. You will need to prepare all the documents that will incorporate Power of Attorney, shareholding system, the nature of your business. An OSP license once applied is good to go for 20 years if there are no changes introduced.

Following are the steps to obtain the OSP license:
1)Register the company – This is the very first step for starting a BPO or an IPO. This is because only a registered company is eligible to apply for OSP in India.
2)Prepare and collect these documents listed- The following documents will assist you to apply for an OSP license.

PAN card of the organization
a>COI of the company
b>AOA (Articles of Association).and MOA (Memorandum of Association) of your company
c>List of directors/partners of the company
d>Board resolution
e>A note describing the nature of OSP
f>Company’s Shareholding patterns

3)Fill the application form for OSP license – In the final stage, all the procedures of filling the form of application is done via online method using the web portal.
4)Once the application form is submitted, the telecom department will analyze the form. This whole process is simple but requires some technical knowledge. Don’t worry; our experts will take care of that. They will file the registration on your behalf and get your OSP registration.

In the year of 2000, the telecom commission of India introduces terms and conditions regarding BPO licenses. As per the terms and conditions, OSPs must not offer switched telephone and they are permitted to obtain telecom services only from authorized services providers. The telecommunication department offers registration to telecom assets offering several services, which incorporates BPO services, Tele-banking, and various other tech-enabled industries.

Following are the documents required for OSP registration:
1. Incorporation certificate provided by the companies registrar
2. AOA and MOA
3. A document showing the nature of the business.
4. List of shareholders and directors of the company
5. POA or Board Resolution authorizing the authorized signatory

Kindly note that all the documents must be attested by the company secretary, director or public notary.

What do you understand by the OSP license?
OSP is the abbreviated term of “other service providers” and it refers to a company that offers applications services including IT-enabled solutions such as Tele-marketing, Tele-banking, Tele-medicine, e-commerce, network operations center and several other services, by utilizing Telecom assets offered by Authorized Telecom service providers.
Applicability – In India, call centers and IPOs, and various others can be considered as the basic foundation of the technological industry. There are an enormous number of BPOs and call centers running in India. There is actually no count available for such service providers. These services play a vital role in contributing to India’s economy with the annual income raised via BPOs in India is almost USD 820 million in 2018. These rising figures have attracted several young and ambitious entrepreneurs to start the business. The license that is required to obtain these services is the OSP.
Meaning – OSP license refers to the “other service providers”. The other service providers (OSP) are service providers of IT powered services or we can say application services. These are generally companies that provide services like call centers, BPOs, IPOs, network operation centers, Tele-trading, Tele-marketing, Tele-banking, e-commerce etc. All these services are offered through telecom assets and resources that are provided by the authorized telecom service providers. Here, an OSP license becomes mandatory for the companies who are engaged in telecom related services and they become eligible to offer these services.

Different types of OSPs
There are various numbers of factors that determine the type of OSP license required:
1) Total number of employees within an organization
2) The network area to which the service is to be offered

Associated to these factors, there are 2 types of OSPs available
1) Domestic – Refers to the application service provider that offers services within the country.
2) International- service provider that offers application services globally or outside the country.

How to apply for the OSP license:
To apply for the license there are various intricacies that are needed to be covered before you file for the OSP registration. These include prerequisites and some documentation that needs to be done along with the filling of application.

• Collect and gather the documents in the proper manner
• Apply for the OSP registration by attacking the documents along with the fees involved. The application needs to be made to the telecommunication department.
• After the analysis and scrutinized verification, you will receive your license
• The whole process may take up to 60-70 days.

Documents required to apply for the OSP license
1) COI (Certificate of incorporation)
2) MOA and AOA
3) Note of nature of business
4) A board resolution
5) Form – 1
6) Network diagram
7) List of company’s directors, shareholders, and founders

OSP license for call center
How to acquire an OSP license for starting your call center
OSP stands for the “other service providers” and it is issued to companies for several applications services such as tele-medicine, tele-banking, tele-coaching, tele-marketing , call center etc.

There are 2 types of OSP licenses required to start a BPO
1) Domestic OSP- It is for the corporate providing services within India.
2) International OSP – It is for the company that provides services on global level.

You can obtain the OSP licence from Department of telecommunication in India. Any Private Limited organization, Public Limited corporate and OPC can acquire OSP license by enlisting under DOT.

Terms and conditions for the license of OSP
Basic conditions
The OSP registration may be provided to any organization to offer application services. These specialists won’t breach on the authority of other approved telecom service organizations and they won’t give exchanged telephony.

Following are the documents that are required while registering for the OSP license
Compulsory documents –
• Incorporation certificate provided by the Registrar of Companies.
• Memorandum of association and Article of Association.
• Notice and Article of Association.
• Board goals or Power of Attorney approving approved signatory with bore witness to marks.
• A note on nature of business
• Power of Attorney validating authorized signatory with attested signatures.of proposed OSP.
• List of company directors
• Current shareholding methods of the company

All these documents must be approved by either directors of the company or company secretary.
The validity of the OSP registration is 20 years and OSP shall deposit annual return with the authorities within 6 months of financial year’s completion. It takes almost 40-50 days for enrolling for the OSP license with TRAI.

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